Sodalities are Voluntary groups of the faithful who seek to work together with like-minded people for the strengthening of their own religious commitment and advancing the Kingdom of Christ to others. Sodalities are numerous in the Catholic Church, devoted to a variety of spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

All sodalities, pious associations , and confraternities may be divided into three classes, although those classes are not absolutely distinct from one another. The first class, A, includes the confraternities, which seek mainly to attain piety, devotion, and the increase of love of God by special veneration of God, of the Blessed Virgin, the angels and the saints. The second class, B, consists of those sodalities which are founded chiefly to promote the spiritual and corporal works of mercy . The third class, C, may be considered to include those associations of the Church whose main object is the well-being and improvement of a definitive class of persons.