Renew Africa


The aim is to help the people of God to become better at hearing and acting on the Word of God. This is done in parishes by encouraging and supporting the formation of many dynamic Small Christian Communities of 8-10 people who gather prayerfully to experience the rhythm of a vibrant faith life-cycle by:

  • reflecting  on and sharing the Word of God;
  • making better connections between faith and life;
  • deepening communion between  parishioners;
  • reaching out to others in service as an essential expression of faith; and
  • living faith in a more concrete way in family, work and community life.
  • Training sessions encourage the development of new lay leadership, essential to becoming a truly self-sustaining church.  RENEW AFRICA, together with RENEW INTERNATIONAL, provides comprehensive training for Archdiocese and Parish Core Communities, Liturgy Planning Teams, and Small Christian Community Leaders.
  • RENEW Africa is not a sodality, but rather has drawn sodality members and all other parishioners into process of spiritual renewal.