Parish Pastoral Council


The Parish Pastoral Council of St. Joseph provides its parish priest with the wisdom of the laity for the good of the parish. Because of their knowledge and competence the members of the PPC are called to share with one another and with the parish priest their insights honestly, with courage, sincerety, respect and prudence. In this way the parish is strengthened by unity of effort that is achieved in reverence and charity.

Suitable reading : Philippians 2:1-4

-a “servant leader” and strive to be Christ-like[Acts1:15-26; Mt 5:13-16]

-have empathy; good communication skill; people skills; conflict resolution skills. Be prayerful.

Remember all other leadership skills, based on the Gospel of Christ is leadership or any scripturally inspired leadership can be used. Let us all work towards unity in our diversity- as one “Body of Christ”